Uruguay - Brazil 0-5 (Report)

Brazil won the tie in Montevideo with a 5-0 score and will now have the chance of accomplishing their most desired goal: going back to the World Group.

Joao Zwetsch's players showed that, according to the level of their tennis, Americas Group I is maybe not the right place for them. The Uruguayans did not pose a threat at any time and lost all the matches without even taking a single set.

Maybe the story would have been different if Uruguay's No. 1 Pablo Cuevas could have played, but even that seems unlikely in the light of the superiority showed by Thomaz Bellucci, Bruno Soares and Ricardo Mello.

"You always want to win, but with Pablo out there were other objectives for us," said Uruguay's captain Perez Cassarino. “We need to build a new team and allow players like Martin Cuevas and other juniors to gain experience at the top level.”

Brazil have some upsets in their recent quest for promotion to the World Group. The biggest one came in 2009 when they lost to Ecuador at home and last year when they lost to India, having led the tie 2-0.

"In the end, you always learn very important lessons from your mistakes. I was the captain in the tie against India and it was a very tough defeat for us, but we learnt a lot. I think we have a good chance this time," said Zwetsch.

The new Davis Cup rankings have been released and the rival that Brazil will face in the World Group play-offs will be come from the following group of nations: India, Russia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Chile, Croatia, Austria and Israel.