Mark Webster

Residence: London, England

Profile: Mark Webster is a new addition to the board in 2010. Webster, a qualified Solicitor, was appointed Executive Chairman of Metrodome Group plc in May 2008 and is also a Director of MediaPro Management SA, one of the largest Media Groups in Central and Eastern Europe.

Webster was previously a Director of Pro TV, the leading Romanian commercial television company. Prior to that Webster was CEO of Tiriac Holdings and Managing Director of Tivi BV, a sports and events management company, representing athletes such as Boris Becker and organising tennis tournaments in Germany.

ATP Involvement: Webster was CEO of Tennis Properties Ltd/ATP Media for 10 years, representing and managing the commercial, media and digital rights. He was responsible for marketing, selling and negotiating the television rights which has turned TPL/ATP Media into the world’s largest tennis television production company, generating 1,100 hours of live programming for a total of 10,256 broadcast hours via 55 broadcasters worldwide.