Flip Galloway

Residence: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA

Profile: Prior to joining the ATP, Flip Galloway worked for the international consultancy firm Ernst and Young for 14 years, serving many industries, including professional sports.

ATP Involvement: Flip has served as the ATP's Chief Operating Officer since January 2006 and the ATP's Chief Financial Officer since he joined the organisation in 1989. Flip oversees all ATP's operations and directly manages ATP's finance management, budgeting, accounting and tax compliance, strategic planning, human resources, executive recruitment and development, and member benefit plan design and administration. A key executive since the ATP Tour's formation in 1989, Flip led the process of consolidation between the ATP and Men's Tennis Council that ultimately created the current ATP World Tour. Flip has been integral in many aspects of ATP's operations since its formation. Flip works closely with the ATP Board to ensure that ATP is fiscally responsible and generates and maintains sufficient reserves. Flip developed the ATP's computerised financial budgeting, treasury management and accounting systems and was instrumental in the formation of the ATP player pension program that has grown to more than $60 million in assets, covering more than 800 current and former players. He is based in the ATP's Ponte Vedra Beach office.